Three megaflourescent orbs in the sky

An unassuming night

Stranded feet halt, heads tilt skywards

Glares of wonderment as

A helpless puzzlement marinates them

They know they will not receive the answers to the questions

So they do not ask them

There is no other clue

The orbs stand stoic in their unchallenged occupation of the aerial plane

Brief bewilderment is the only tenant in the gazers’ minds

But not long until

Bellies grumble

Phones bleep

Friends tug

Minds wander

And the inexplicable lights in the sky

Have had their time of day

Feet get unstuck and necks relax

The people of the street go on their merry way

While the orbs above still glower

What could anyone do but stand agog

For but a minute

And in the future

Whenever they are asked about UFOs or supernatural mysteries and the like

They will shake their heads and declare ‘Utter Nonsense’

Because all of us are the same

Ceaselessly forgetting

The unexplainable mysteries of our lives

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