The guards came because there was too much realising going on

Feet weightless, lifting me up
Spinning me round
This frenzy of sound

Raise up the voltage of the mind
Unleash that spirit
Who wants to fly

Beats booming
Lights blazing
Other bodies which I ignore
Soaring above

Seeing it all for what it is
We plumb the city
And wire the grid
We shift the cargo
And acres dig

All for this
To reach these moments
Where none of that matters
A dimension away
Arrive at this point of divine play

Blissful conjuring of experience
Where words seem like old toys
You throw out
Then groove your way to the imaginal spout

Suddenly, hushed murmurs
DJs dive to pack up and dash away
Fear enters this ruin of scum
You wait patiently

Nothing can take you
Nothing can break you
Humans who haven’t realised what they are
Can never dim this light of yours

The guards came because there was too much realising going on
Transcendence of the world of right and wrong
Transcendence of the bounds of this flesh

Our wings are shot down
But we’ll not last long in the charade world
We’ll be back

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