Probing For Understanding

Enter this realm of mysterious goings
Haunt a new shade
There is no knowing
To commune with life in trust and faith
Be dangerously untethered and absolutely safe

Look in the eye of man or beast
Cast no judgement, expect no grief
Behind each miracle is a world like you
Precious, specious, momentarily let through

When I crouched down in the stream
And watched the tiny yellow winged creature
Spinning round and round atop the surface
I could see
They dance too
So I go to leap between the ferns and

When I hear the donkey bleat
As we turn around and horse we greet
I know that I am not alone
In jealous feelings
And wanting attention like a stomping child
But I let that go
And between horse and donkey we casually

When I watch the bubbles topple down the stream
When I witness the rain plopping slowly onto me
When I pluck the cobweb and it springs back
Rain droplets and all in tact;
I am brought forth into temporary knowing
Oh, to slow down

When I hear myself utter pretentious words;
I shudder and scorn my own being
When I see my spotty, pocked back caressed;
I wince away my feeling
When I fail to speak the words I struggle to fetch
Aloof, and clutching onto something
When I guess,
And forget

When I narrativize your life
And see you as less than you
Then I take myself away
From the source of life and truth

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