German Queen

Like a dream

She dances through life

Sweet and polite

But not lacking might

Those crystal blue eyes

Fail to disguise

The deepness inside

That rises to seek

All the answers to meet

Open to it all

Slightly off the wall

But poetic in her openess

Adoption of symbols

Spiritual courage

She holds a jewelled staff

Traversing the foggy plane

Gemstones light up her brain

She’s half outside the game

Still getting there

But knowing truly where is there

That she will reach

And the flustering worry

Will eventually cease

As she finds her peace

In a corner of Europe

In a cross-legged seat

Close to the trees

And to the sea

Not a worry of money

A lovely hubby and a baba in the tummy

She’ll be dancing and singing

Ringing true

Sharing with people

Celebrating too

Living in love

For she knows she is that

And there’s a gift in her presence

She’ll realise that…

As she walks her path

Radiantly smiling

Sometimes crying

Letting it all go

Piece by piece

The silage tank of the mind empties

And at once

A whole new picture

Grows together

She is already a flower

But now the petals

Start to grow

With each new passion

She invites into her life

She comes more to life

Ever more whole

Ever more vibrant

Empty of all the old silage

She is giving light

Getting light

Surrounded by life

Carolin the bright

Such a delight

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